HOUNDSBAY Cedar Shoe Tree

The Houndsbay cedar shoe tree helps maintain the original shape of the shoe’s heel. A slender heel and your shoe tree may cause harm to the heel that could harm the form and stitching of the footwear over time.

HOUNDSBAY Cedar Shoe Tree with Broad Heel and Adjustable Split Toe

HOUNDSBAY Cedar Shoe Tree dviu8vh9weThe Split Toe allows you to utilize these shoe designs in any type of shoe. The Split Toe divides when pressed into the footwear permitting the shoe tree to spread open and apply pressure to the inside of your shoe.

This allows for the shoe tree to save the form of your shoe and avoid wrinkles from forming. All of Houndsbay Cedar Shoe Trees are made of 75 percent Heartwood instead of sapwood. The Heartwood is the dark pink shade that helps absorb moisture and provide that excellent cedar odor. For every pair of shoe trees they sell, Houndsbay will plant one tree in the United States. You can save your shoes and save the Earth at the same time!

HOUNDSBAY Cedar Shoe Tree Best features:

  1. Aromatic Red Cedar.
  2. Premium Aromatic Cedar absorbs moisture and dissipates odor to Keep leather shoes.
  3. RIGHT and LEFT are Engraved on Every Pair to Make it Simple to Use the Correct Side.
  4. Broad Heel with Cozy Hook Manage is essential to maintain the shape of the back of the shoe Correctly.
  5. Spring Loaded Centerpiece Securely Retains the length of the shoe and Also allows for Simple Entrance and removal.
  6. Good Present; Long Lasting Shoe Trees are a Classic Requirement that gentleman will Utilize.