Finding a high-quality shoe shine brushes or professional leather care brush at a reasonable price that is shipped with a very formal package can be a challenge at times. Shallow bristle loss after repeated use on many shoes is a must. These 100% large horsehair shoe shine brush is very soft; they won`t damage your leather items. Polished wood handles help to keep shoe cream out of the handles. Excellent to shine and buff military boots and all leather products. We highly recommend these professional shoe brush and with proper care should last you for a very long time.

Large Professional Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush

Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush For Buff and Shine Boots, Shoes & Other Leather Care. 100% Horse Hair Brush Bristles. 2-pack.

Received 4.8 stars out of 5 in customer reviews

Best Features

Low Cost for what you get!

  • Specially designed for the shoe care and leather professional
  • Extra long hair adds extra life to brushes
  • Dark and light colors bristles
  • Dimensions: Length 8″ Width 2.5″ Height 2.25″  
  • Genuine horsehair does not shed

Question:  Why lighter bristles are softer?

Answer: Dark bristles get into stitching better. Light hairs for finishing shine. Both German made and the best there is.

Question: Does it lose a lot of bristles?

Answer: No they do not, very few bristles lose. The brushes are first rated.
1. Gloss brush and cleaning brush To avoid skin care products and pollution, it is recommended separately, do not use one thing.
2. In the use of different colors of skin care products, remember to use different shades of skin care products, remember to use a different horse brush to distinguish the color, do not mix a brush in your shoe care kits, so as not to cause staining.

Valentino Garemi Horse Hair Brush promises high-gloss shoes 

Genuine Horse Hair Brush by Valentino GaremiHigh-gloss shoes are a calling card for every single gentleman. After cleaning your shoes with a tiny quantity of shoe cream, polish them with a horse-hair brush and even dull and faint-looking sneakers will find an extraordinary shine. The horsehair brush is made up of un-dyed hairs from a horse’s tail, 0.86 inches in length, which are best for polishing. Horsehair boasts distinct exceptional strength and is very soft and compact too.

Ideal tackling with the Horse-hair Brush

The brush is from a German workshop in which the single horsehair is pinned into position. The high-quality beech handle meanwhile, will take on a beautiful patina with prolonged use. Cheap, glued brushes will lose their bristles over the span of time, meaning effectiveness and density are reduced. With our Burgol horsehair brush, however, as you may break a single hair, the bristles will stay thick and effective. Being a trendy man is more than merely wearing welted footwear. It’s crucial to keep them good looking, too. Fantastic shoes require gentle care, so avoid synthetic products and use things like our high-quality horsehair brush to get exceptional results. Our horsehair brush can be found in the hair lengths 0.86 inches and 1.18 inches and dark and light colors.

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