Shoe Bags

Best Shoe Bag to Well-Organize your Shoes

Everybody wants an organized home. Whether it is the clothes, accessories or shoes; you must keep them properly to stay organized around your home, while traveling or in office. There are options to store clothes and accessories well, the best shoe bag aids in keeping your leftover shoes properly.

A shoe bag can be versatile and available in all different shapes and sizes. They are sturdy and help in stuffing your shoes and socks in an organized way. There are numerous shoe bags on offers online. Here is a review of three best shoe bags prevailing in the market 2018.

ANPHSIN Shoe Bag ANPHSIN 8 Pcs Waterproof Oxford Cloth Travel Bag for Shoe with Zipper Closure and PVC Clear Windows for Men & Women

As the name says it all, ANPHSIN is a waterproof travel shoe bag which not only helps in storing your shoes but also keeps them safe from water and dirt.

ANPHSIN Shoe Bag: Main features

  • The material is waterproof, lightweight and breathable
  • Made up of clear PVC plastic for better view
  • Contains a loop on one side to hang anywhere at ease
  • Contains especially strong zipper
  • Available in two colors; green and black.
  • Comes in 8 pcs pack


  • Saves a lot of space.
  • Suitable for both men and women shoes
  • Keeps the shoe dirt free and waterproof
  • Large enough to store all types of shoes and sandals.
  • Made of clear plastic that helps you sort them from suitcases or travel bags.


Made of PVC plastic which is nondurable.

Cannot hold boots

Lermende Shoe Bag Lermende Travel Bags for Shoe: Waterproof Multi-purpose Nylon Organizer Storage Tote Bag Pouch 5pcs


 The Lermende tote bag pouch is made after thorough research done on what buyers actually want. Designed for both home and traveling purpose, the product is made of long-lasting superior nylon fabric.

Lermende Shoe Bag: Main features

  • Made of superior quality nylon material
  • Attached with strong zippers
  • The shoe bag is foldable and waterproof
  • The size is perfect for both men and women shoes. Large enough to accommodate up to size 14.
  • Available in 5pc pack


  • Specially designed for customer satisfaction
  • Accommodates both men and women shoes.
  • Larger in size, waterproof and foldable.
  • Made of nylon fabric which is durable enough.
  • The translucent window design makes it see through and easier to sort among other stuff.
  • Keeps your shoe bacteria free and dirt free.


  • Not suitable for high boots.

Zmart Portable Shoe Bag Zmart Portable Travel Bags for Shoe: Multicolor Storage Organizer Bag for Men Women

The multi-colored Zmart Printable shoe bag is one of the best shoe bags available online. Suitably designed to fulfill the taste of both men and women, this designer bag is lightweight and portable.

Zmart Travel Shoe Bag: Main features

  • Consists of 5 bags pack of different colors; blue, burgundy, red, navy and pink.
  • Made of high-quality nylon fabric
  • Accommodates women shoes up to size 9
  • Can be used to store makeup, toiletries and accessories as well


  • Made of extremely lightweight fabric that makes it convenient to carry anywhere.
  • Colorful options make it convenient for gifting as well.
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee, which is a great advantage.


  • Accommodates only up to size 9 which is too small.

Proper shoe care is a must if you have expensive footwear, the best shoe bags make your task easy and convenient. They not only help in storing shoes but allow storing smaller things like makeup, toiletries, and accessories as well.