Cowboy Boot Stretchers

If your pair of cowboy boots has shrunk over time or your new shoes lack the customized fit, a cowboy boot stretcher may help you get the perfect fit.

When you buy a pair of boots, they may look perfect, yet they might be too tight! Shoe stretchers are a great answer for those problematic situations when your shoes do not fit you right!

Why should people buy high-quality Cowboy Boot Stretcher for Instep and Width?

There are numerous conditions when you may face trouble with the shoe fittings. When you buy a new pair of shoes, they might fit well in the store but cause a problem when trying them at home. Using a stretcher helps you to widen the shoes and wear them comfortably.

There are many other additional reasons for which someone may want to buy a set of shoe stretcher;

  • Sometimes old shoes made up of leather shrink and became unfit.
  • Over time your feet may swell, and the size may differ from what it was earlier.
  • There might be some foot conditions that cause hurt.
  • Some people fall into two sizes. Thus, a shoe stretcher helps you to fit into a size smaller perfectly.

The stretching helps you to adjust the fitting of the shoes both lengthwise and widthwise.

Here is a review on some of the best cowboy boots and Instep shoe stretchers available in the market 2019;

Cobbler’s Best Pick Western Boot Expander

Suppose you need to stretch out a pair of the western boot. The Footfitter will work very well, but it takes 1 or 2 sessions to get the boots where you need them to be. I discovered that the best way to use this s to put it in the boot, tighten it as much a possible, then spray them with the liquid shoe stretcher.

High-Quality Cast Aluminum Boot Instep Stretcher and Vamp Raiser41GulU9b5cL High-Quality Cast Aluminum Boot Instep Stretcher and Vamp Raiser

Vamp Raiser and the Cast Aluminum Boot Stretcher is a device that stretches your boots’ instep and vamp area. Uncomfortable boots that this cast boot stretcher is fantastic for you For those who have a tight-fitting. Gives a room in your boot’s most portion to yourself. This cast aluminum apparatus is equipped.

  1. HoundsBay Boxer Premium Professional Boot Stretcher for Dress, Hiking, and Work Boots

Footfitter premium professional boot stretcher is one best stretchers available in the market for work boots and hiking boots. Perfectly designed with the extra-long shaft, this stretcher can be used for both left and right boots.

Main Features

  1. Made from stainless steel,
  2. It is crafted from German beechwood.
  3. Includes 3 bunion plugs for pressure point relief.
  4. It features 16 holes for the placement of spot stretching plugs.
  5. Designed with an extra-long shaft for easy access.


  • Available in all sizes
  • Suitable for both men and women boots
  • One stretcher is enough for both pairs of boots.


  • Not suitable for western-style shoes.
  1. Premium 1″ – 3″ High Heel Boot Stretcher – Professional’s Choice for High Heeled Boots

Foot Fitter Premium High Heel Boot Stretcher is specially designed for Women’s boots. Made of stainless steel, this stretcher helps in adjusting the high heeled boots of all sizes.

Main Features

  1. Made of 100% German beech woods
  2. Hardware is made of durable stainless steel.
  3. Spot stretching plugs for corns, bunions, and pressure points
  4. Features six plug holes for placement of spot stretching plugs


  • Specially crafted to stretch 1”-3” high heel boots.
  • The long jointed rod helps in the smooth operation of boots.
  • Perfectly shaped to fit both left and right shoes.


  • Designed only for women boots, not available in men’s sizes.
  • Can shape only high heels up to 3.”
  1. Fiebing’s Shoe Stretch-It, 4 Oz. – For Leather, Suede, or Nubuck Shoes

Fiebing’s shoe stretcher-It stretches shoes where they grab the most. It eases the tightest spot for the shoe to fit better in the feet. The stretcher can be applied after wearing the shoes as well.

Main Features

  1. The best product to stretch leather, suede, and Nubuck shoes
  2. It can be applied to any spot that has become tight.
  3. Great quality product manufactured in the US
  4. Completely safe and user-friendly


  • The shoe stretcher can be applied to any shoe irrespective of shape and size.
  • Skin-friendly
  • It does not spoil socks and stockings.
  • You can apply them while your shoes are on.


  • Made only to suit leather, nubuck, and suede materials
  • Not available everywhere
  1. Professional Western Boot Instep Stretcher for Men’s and Women’s

Professional Western Instep Boot stretcher is one best stretcher that give relief from tight Western boots’ pain. It is one high-quality instep boot stretcher that gives elasticity to high-end boots.

Main Features

  1. Made of high-quality wood
  2. Suitable for both men and women shoes
  3. Expandable instep to give relief from tight boots


  • Available in 2 sizes for both men and women
  • You can use the single piece stretcher for both left and right shoes.
  • Suitable for all Western high boots
  • It gives relief from tight boots.


  • Available in only 2 sizes.
  • Suitable for only high raised boots
  • Not available in all parts of the world.
  1. FootFitter Men’s Professional Western Cowboy Boot Stretcher

FootFitter Men’s Professional western cowboy stretcher is made up of maple wood, perfectly designed to adjust cowboy boots’ fitting.

Main Features

  1. Made of high-quality maple wood
  2. Specifically designed for western style cowboy boots
  3. 2 adjustable bunion plugins at specific points
  4. Highly durable
  5. Available in 3 different sizes


  • Available for both men and women in sizes; large, medium, small
  • Solid construction for high durability
  • Made to fit western-style boots perfectly


  • The stretcher is not suitable for steel toes or modern boots due to the angled midsoles.
  • Sizes are according to US culture only.

Mallory Combo Stretcher

Beautifully crafted from cast aluminum, the Mallory Combo stretcher is a professional device to adjust your boots’ instep fitting.

Main Features

  1. Made of cast aluminum metal
  2. Stretches both boot shaft along with instep
  3. Suitable for all types of shoes


  • One size fits all boots.
  • Adjusts fitting irrespective of men or women shoes
  • Made of tough metal that makes it highly durable
  • Highly professional device to fit left and right boot
  • Adjusts fittings of all types of boots, including high boots and western boots


  • Difficult to handle because of high tension in the pins
  • It may discolor the light-colored shoe if not handled properly.

    Cast Aluminum Boot Instep Stretcher

The cast aluminum boot instep stretcher is a high-quality professional shaft stretcher. Equipped with a screw mechanism, this stretcher helps you fit all types of shoes with ease.

Main Features

  1. Made of heavy cast aluminum
  2. It can be used for any boots with ease
  3. Equipped with a screw mechanism


  • Made of heavy aluminum that makes it durable
  • Perfect stretcher for all types of shoes, irrespective of size
  • Applies the right amount of pressure even to loosen the tight boots


  • It does not work well for boots with zippers


The Cowboy Boot Stretcher adjusts the shoe width. It depends on the type of stretcher you buy and the fittings that suit your feet. However, it is advisable to buy stretchers that have stretch compatibility for bunions and corns as well.

This Boot Stretcher is ideal for stretching out the box toe area of your boots. They are professional grade, made of Beechwood and metalbest boot stretcher only.

Footfitter’s Boot Stretcher:

For a dress, hiking and work boots. It comes with 1 boot stretcher that works on both left and right boots. 3 pressure relief bunion/corn plugs are included for those problem areas with bunion or corn.  You can also use your boot stretching tool with your shoe and boots alike.