How to stretch boots for extra comfort? If you are a boot lover like I am, then you need to know how to stretch your boots at home. From simple walking, while shopping or being adventurous like… hiking or going horseback riding then you need a boot that fits perfectly. You do not need a painful boot on your adventurous hiking or any sports. Your feet will produce sweat if it doesn’t get enough breathing space inside the shoes and result in various infections. The answer to how to stretch boots is by using the best boot stretcher. With the right shoe stretcher, you can get the perfect extra enlargement you needed in your shoes and have a comfortable outing.

Important characteristics of a boot stretcher:

  • The shoe stretcher must be durable.
  • The material used should be long lasting, preferably wood, iron or high-quality plastic.
  • Customized features must also be present for individual need.
  • It should be very handy to use and portable.
  • The most shoe stretcher is supposed to stretch both right and left shoe.
  • A shoe stretcher is accompanied with a shoe stretching spray for better result and can be a reliable solution to how to stretch boots.

How to stretch leather boots?

A shoe stretcher has a wide range of variety. Now, if you are considering expanding your boots, then you need a good and durable shoe stretcher because boots are tougher compared to other shoes. Also, you need she stretcher spray. At first, you put the spray the spray on the boots and insert the stretcher in the boot. Expand the length up to which you feel will be comfortable and leave it like that overnight. Remember, the solution to how to stretch boots is never to expand a size 7 to size 9 but more of a 1/2 inch to an inch at the most.