Shoe and Boot Stretchers for Sale

how to break in leather shoesAre your shoes a bit too tight? Using a boot stretcher tool is an effective and inexpensive way to get your boots fitting right. Improper stretching and breaking in new leather boots can turn it into a nightmare. Here is where you can get the proper tools to do it right. The best technique to soften the boot up should go hand-to-hand with the pair’s protection as well. Remember, we want to stretch your new boots, but we do not want to damage it in the process. So have patience and don’t be too hard on them.

Learn more about the best shoe and boot stretcher to make your life easier

We need shoes on a day to day basis. Also, we need shoes for a different style with different outfits. Sometimes our boots might not fit correctly, and it is no less than a nightmare to wear improper shoes. You will feel uncomfortable to walk; it might hurt your feet and lead to swelling and many other problems. When you take your feet for granted, ugly things like bunions, toenail fungus, etc. might take place. A reliable solution to this is to use a shoe stretcher.

Your shoes are an essential part of your outfit. If you are not comfortable in your shoes, then the whole day will go wrong. If you made the mistake of buying a pair of footwear that doesn’t fit well, a shoe stretcher is there to rectify it.

Why should one use a Shoe Stretcher for Boots?

A stretcher can save you from many shoe blunders and feet discomforts. If you feel like your shoes are small for your feet, then a shoe stretcher will bring it to a perfect size. Also, if you accidentally end up buying a pair of shoes of a different size, then a shoe stretcher will bring the two of them to the correct size.

If you are facing bunions, corns, feet swelling and other discomforts on your feet due to your shoes, then shoe stretcher can be the answer to most of your feet problems.

There are specially built shoe stretchers as well viz. two-way shoe stretchers, boot stretchers formed in holes in them, etc. These kinds of devices are custom made to take care of problems according to your need. You can find the best for sale with reviews below.

Best Shoe and Boot Stretchers 2019

FootFitter one-way shoe stretcher FootFitter Premium One-way Stretcher is only $29.95 — SKU: #CP. MA.000100059.015

These kinds of shoe expander are perfect for both men and women. They are mainly used to expand the heel of your shoes. This shoe stretcher not only stretches your shoe but also adds extra comfort to you which was previously a bit problematic to wear. After using this shoe stretcher, your feet will feel as if you have worn your old comfortable shoes that fit correctly and do not hurt your feet.

Main features of FootFitter premium professional one-way shoe stretcher

  • This shoe stretcher is manufactured with authentic Beachwood.
  • This shoe stretcher comes with three bunion plugs so that you can adjust your shoes accordingly where your feet hurt the most and stretch it at that particular place.
  • You can move and adjust this shoe stretcher inside your shoe in any way you want.
  • This shoe stretcher only stretches your shoes along the width. So you can use it to make your tight shoes more comfortable.
  • For a better and customized fit, use this shoe stretcher in one shoe at a time.
  •  You can use this shoe stretcher for both your left shoe and right shoe.

To make it long lasting this shoe expander is made up of the best and most durable material. Stainless and German Beachwood has been used to make this product. In the center of the shoe stretcher, there is a long rod, so that the device remains under your full control even after inserting it inside a shoe.

After owning this one-way shoe stretcher, you can remain tension free about discomforting shoes. It is lightweight and easy to handle so that you can take it anywhere with you. Its sleek design gives it a smart appearance.

FootFitter two-way shoe stretcher Premium and Professional Two-way Stretcher is only $39.95 –SKU: #CP. MI.002000059.031

This professional shoe stretcher is designed to stretch the length as well as the breadth of your uncomfortable shoes. Unlike one way stretcher, this shoe stretcher serves both your purposes if you have a shoe that needs stretching in both directions. This kind of shoe stretcher provides additional comfort to your footwear.

This two-way shoe stretcher is made up of stainless steel and German Beachwood, like a one-way shoe stretcher. It is hassle-free to use and durable.

Main features of FootFitter premium professional two-way shoe stretcher

  • It has washers made up of stainless steel around the heel so that you can stretch up shoe up to the size you want. These kinds of parts make the stretching along the length a lot easier.
  • The wooden portion of the shoe stretcher has 14 holes, seven on each side and it has three bunion holes so that you can get rid of feet discomforts.
  • Experience a customized stretching for better comfort.
  • It is a perfect solution to elongate your shoe lengthwise or breadthwise.

On designing this two-way shoe stretcher, FootFitter has taken the concept of a shoe stretcher to a whole new level. This thing is perfect for those who need a little more space in their shoes to get rid of ugly foot discomforts.

Best Boot Stretcher 2019

FootFitter boot stretcher FootFitter Professional Tall and Ankle Boot Stretcher is only $44.95 -SKU: #CP. MS.000500357.012

The concept of a shoe stretcher does not end on some generalized shoe stretchers, there are customized shoe stretchers for boots, and heels, etc. made to suit your need.

If you are an active hiker or footballer or do something else, then nothing is more painful than wearing a whole boot day which is discomforting and results in swelling. You need to use a boot that fits you perfectly in your day to day life. Your feet get sweaty especially inside boots and these results to toenail infections and many more discomforts. You need to have a shoe that has enough space inside after wearing them.

FootFitter has designed a shoe stretcher especially for boots, and it is proven to work upon the toughest boots. Boots are usually more robust compared to other shoe types since they made for sports or hiking purposes. So you need a durable and high-quality shoe stretcher for your boots to stretch it up according to your need.

Main features of FootFitter premium professional boot stretcher

  • This boot stretcher comes with an extra long shaft, especially for high boots.
  • Comes with three bunion plugs to get rid of feet discomfort.
  • It also has a long stainless steel rod handle so that you can easily insert and remove the stretcher, and expand your shoes.
  • Reach through the toe box of any boot whether it is short or tall.
  • It is available in six different sizes.
  • This shoe stretcher works in either of the left or right foot.

One downside of this shoe stretcher is that it is not suitable for western style boots.

Tall Boot Shaft Stretcher for Stretching the Calf or Instep Area of your Boots is only $199.95 -SKU: #DP. MF.000900083.015

 This Shaft Stretcher from FootFitter is made from Aluminum. It is a combination stretcher meaning you can expand either your Boot Instep or Calf Area and or both, This stretcher is a 2-in-1 that really works on leather material. It works on most of the boots, including dress, riding, work, and western.

Together with a pin’s slip, the stretcher permits you to change the diameter by a rotating shaft or the instep for comfort.  This stretcher is 1 size fits all. This device will last a lifetime.

KevenAnna-High-Heel-Adjustable-Shoe-Stretcher High Heel adjustable Shoe Tree Stretcher is only $22.99 SKU: #CP. MZ.070000053.01

Being a woman of the modern world, high heels are an essential part of your wardrobe. Even though high heels might hurt a bit, it does not discourage the majority from wearing them. Whether it is a pump or a heel, they look great with almost any outfit. But they also give you blister and foot swelling if they do not fit properly. If your foot does not get enough space to breathe, then you might even end up getting a toenail infection from your favorite heels.

Keven-Anna has introduced specially designed expanders to reduce feet discomfort from high heels.

Main features of Keven-Anna high heel shoe stretcher

  • Unlike other shoe stretchers, this stretcher is sold in a pair.
  • This shoe stretcher acts as a two-way expander, i.e., you can stretch your shoe lengthwise and breadthwise.
  • It is made up of polyurethane plastic and stainless steel for power and durability.
  • This pair of shoe stretcher comes with 12 bunion plugs so that you can expand your heels anyway and anywhere you want where it hurts you the most.
  • Sleek appearance.
  • Comes with extra hoops to hang the expander when they are not in use.

To let you wear your high heels throughout the day, without any discomfort, this pair of shoe stretcher comes with pressure point relief. The holes in the stretcher act as a comforter in the areas where there is maximum pressure. This will let your toes move freely and will provide ample breathing space. One downside of this shoe stretcher is that it does not work well on shoes that are wider.

However, if your high heels are made up natural materials such as suede or leather, then you have to use shoe stretcher spray before using an actual stretcher. Otherwise, it might ruin your expensive shoes. Shoe stretcher sprays help to moisten the leather fabric of your shoes and help it stretch up better without destroying the pump. If you are applying a liquid stretcher, then it is advisable to leave it like that with the stretcher inserted for at least 24 hours.

Eachway two-way shoe stretcher Eachway Two-Way Shoe Stretcher for Hiking and Ankle Boots is only $19.99 –SKU: #CP. YR.000400059.91

With this shoe stretcher, you will be able to stretch any shoe to fit your feet perfectly. Whether it is a new shoe or an old one, it will expand your footwear correctly to make them comfortable to wear. This shoe stretcher comes in a pair for both of which will fit either of your shoes.

Main features of Eachway shoe stretcher

  • Easy to use and compact.
  • It reaches even the tightest portions of your shoes.
  • Comes with eight pressure point pads so that you can customize your shoes any way you want.
  • The knob of the expander is quite adjustable.
  • It is made up of one hundred percent pine wood.
  • It works as a two-way stretcher, i.e., it stretches the width as well as the length of the shoe.

House tables instruct to leave the shoe stretcher inserted in your shoes overnight, preferably for 24 to 48 hours. These kinds of expanders work on a various range of shoes viz. sandals, wedges, loafers, etc. say goodbye to aching blisters and sore bunions with this shoe stretcher.

What are different kinds of shoe stretch spray available? 

Premium Leather Stretch SprayPremium Leather Boot Stretcher Spray is only $15.99 –SKU: #CP. MA.008090059.06

A shoe stretcher spray helps to moisten the fabric of the shoe and loosens them more easily. Upon using a shoe stretch spray, your boot has the least probability of getting ruin after using a stretcher.

There is a different kind of shoe stretch spray which does not need a shoe expander after applying that. Apply the spray and insert your own feet to expand it to the perfect size. This spray softens the fabrics of your shoes and works wonders. It provides customized fitting to your uncomfortable shoes instantly.

Another kind of shoe stretch spray is specially made for shoes made up of natural materials viz. suede, leather, Nu-buck, reptile skin, etc.

Can a boot stretcher also use in sneakers?

Although it might be a little bit tough to use a shoe stretcher in a sneaker, it is possible. It might not give promising results unlike in the case of leathers or suede. But, with a little bit more effort, you might be able to get the desired expansion on your sneakers as well with the help of shoe stretchers.

If you need to stretch your sneakers, then you need to use a shoe stretcher spray along with the shoe stretcher for best results. After inserting the shoe stretcher leave the shoe like overnight. You might not get the best result, but it will certainly give a little bit of push to your boots to make them more comfortable.

Always keep in mind that sneakers are made up of synthetic materials, and they are softer. If you push your stretcher too hard, it might ruin the shape and stability of your sneakers. You have to be very careful while using a shoe stretcher in sneakers.

Sneakers are mainly used while running, jogging or in other sports activities. If they do not fit you perfectly then, you might end up with swelled feet and what not.

How to know whether your boot stretcher will work?

Shoe stretchers are preferred for natural shoe-making material viz. leather, suede, etc. shoe expanders are perfect for shoes made up these kinds of leather material. But if you want to use your shoe stretchers on to something made up of vinyl, then you won’t get any result. Shoe stretchers are not suitable for artificial material.

Also, while using shoe stretcher, you have to keep it in mind that it has a stretching limit. You cannot stretch a shoe up to any length you want. Needless to say, if you extend your boot of size 5 to size 7, then it will ruin your footwear. A shoe stretcher can stretch only till a small length, which is close to the size of the shoe.

What are the different kinds of Boot Stretchers are there?

Shoe and boot stretchers can come as a pair for both feet, also as single for either of your feet. Shoes for men and women have different boot stretchers available in the market.

There are various boot stretchers available for Flats, High Heel Boot Stretcher, Cowboy Boots Stretcher, Ankle Boots, Tall boots, Steel Toe Boots Stretcher, Hiking Boots etc. according to your need. Buy them according to the shoe type.

There is also specially built shoe stretcher to expand any part of the shoe. If you want to increase the height of your shoes, then there is a  stretcher for that as well.

If you are facing toenail infection, swelling, bunions, etc. then there are specially built shoe stretchers that have unique mechanisms in them which upon applying to your shoes will help you reduce these kinds of feet discomforts.

How to use shoe stretchers in your shoes?

You should use the mechanism of your shoe stretcher correctly or else you might end up ruining your shoe. To help your device work correctly, buying the shoe stretcher won’t be enough. You have to buy shoe stretching liquid or stretching spray for best results. A shoe stretching spray or a liquid moistens the fabric of your footwear so that the shoe stretcher can work better. Always follow the instruction given by the products as well.

At first, insert the boot expander inside your boot, and stretch your shoe as much as it permits. Do not overstretch your footwear.

There is a knob in the stretcher to start stretching your shoe. After stretching up to a certain point, leave your shoes like that for at least 24 hours. Do not leave the stretcher for too long. Otherwise, it might make your boots too loose.

Make sure you know how to use the tool and then apply it correctly. You do not want to lose an expensive pair of shoes due to some silly mistake. Practice it on some other old shoe and then apply it to your new ones.

What to look for into a boot stretcher while buying it?

  • The material used for manufacturing a shoe stretcher must be long-lasting and durable.
  • The material used must be preferably wood, metal or plastic.
  • Extra customized features must also be available with it.
  • It must be portable and can be smoothly used.
  • A shoe stretcher must be designed in such a manner that it will be able to stretch both the left and right shoe.
  • It must work well with the show stretching spray.
  • Let us explore some great shoe stretchers for different styles of shoes.

Expanding other non-leather shoes with the help of a stretchers

Shoe stretchers are mainly designed to expand shoes made up of natural materials or for more robust shoes. Shoes like sneakers or other non-leather shoes are not suitable for expanders. If you want to stretch a shoe of size 7 to size 9, then an expander is of no use. You have to buy a new boot. But if you want to have little extra space inside your non-leather shoes with the help of stretchers then follow these instructions:

  • You must have a shoe stretcher spray along with a shoe stretcher, to begin with. Put your shoe on a flat surface.
  • Put the spray on your shoe. Do not let the spray get all runny. Evenly spread the liquid on the side surfaces of your footwear to work up a thick layer.
  • Insert the shoe stretcher inside your shoe before the spray dries up to expand your footwear to your desired fit.
  • Leave the stretcher in your shoes for at least 24 hours to get a promising result.

Benefits of using a boot stretcher

  • Shoe expanders can resize your shoes to make them a perfect fit for your feet. It can provide you with an excellent custom-sized shoe so that your feet can have ample breathing space.
  • Uncomfortable and tight shoes are not healthy to wear. They make your feet sweaty, and as a result of extra moisture in your feet you might end up having toenail infection, bunion, etc. A boot stretcher will help you get rid of these problems.
  • Once you have expanded your shoes with a boot stretcher, the changed size will last. It won’t come back to its original size after stretching it for a few days. So a boot stretcher is a perfect solution to your uncomfortable shoes and most feet discomforts. With a little care, your footwear will last long enough.

Drawbacks of using a stretcher

There is no particular drawback as such of using shoe stretchers since they hardly do any harm to your shoes or you. They are meant to provide comfortable shoes with simple means. Here are some small downsides of using a shoe stretcher:

  1. Make sure you know how to use a boot stretcher before operating it. Especially when you are using it on your expensive shoes. Overstretching your boots might ruin the stitches and the shape of your shoes.
  2. Shoe stretchers ware not meant for shoes made up synthetic material like sneakers.
  3. It is advisable not to use shoe stretchers on shoes made up of soft and delicate materials. Shoe stretchers are meant for shoes made up natural and robust materials.

Wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes all day long can be very painful. You do not have to throw away your favorite shoes just because they are a little bit tight. A perfect boot stretcher can solve all your problems related to feet discomforts due to ill-fitting boots.