How to stretch sneakers without tearing it up? Although shoe stretchers are mainly suitable for shoes made up natural materials like leather etc., it hasn’t stopped people to try it on upon other materials as well. Shoe stretchers are usually not ideal for shoes made up of synthetic materials viz. sneakers. But to answer how to stretch sneakers, with some extra precaution and care you can also expand your sneakers with the help of shoe stretchers.


How to Stretch Sneakers?

People use sneakers for different sports activities, running, jogging etc. If your sneakers do not well fit then, you surely have lots of feet problem to suffer from. Learning how to stretch sneakers might give you some solution.

The outcome might not be as satisfying as a leather or suede shoe. But it has been seen that with little extra effort and a few tricks, you might make a shoe stretcher work even on sneakers effectively.

In this case, you definitely need a shoe stretching spray with a footwear stretcher to expand your sneakers. Apply the spray first and then insert shoe stretcher in your shoes. The spray will have to expand the material even better. Let the stretcher remain like this for 24 to 48 hours. Always remember if you are learning how to stretch sneakers then never push the stretcher way too much at one time. It will ruin your shoes which you do not want.

When it comes to sneakers, you need to be careless about using a shoe stretcher. Sneakers are made up much softer material. Using a shoe stretcher way too much will ruin the quality and the stability of the tennis shoes.