Benefit of using a shoe stretching kit for the best fit for shoes

best shoe stretching kit

Is your shoe is creating trouble for your legs? Well. Sometimes the new bought shoes do not well fit and causes pain. In that case, shoe stretching kit can help you.

People usually do not use the unfit shoe, or sometimes they give them to others. This shoe stretcher solves the entire problem regarding it.


The reason for buying a shoe stretcher


A shoe stretcher is an essential tool for controlling the shoes for your comfort. There are various kits which are used to stretch the particular area of a shoe, and your feet will adjust properly in the shoe. Sometimes shoe gets shrink after washing it or getting old. In that case, shoe stretcher kit work eventually and this is a very beneficial item for you.

Several reasons are there for buying a shoe stretcher in your place. All are given below.

  • As your feet grow, shoes become unfit for your leg.
  • The leather of the old shoes is got shrink and cause problem.
  • Sometime both of your feet might not be equal size; in that case, it helps.

There are several stretching kits which are useful for the people having an issue with a shoe. The stretcher can stretch shoes both in widthwise and lengthwise.


In the below section, there are some popular stretching kits for both men and women

MARZ Products Men’s & Women’s 2-Way Plastic Shoe Stretcher Kit

Marz men’s and woman’s 2-way plastic shoe stretching kit is one of the most popular shoe stretchers on the market. It has a unique design with a long shaft for controlling it. This kit is useful for both right and left pair shoes.

Main features

  • Made of polyurethane plastic and the shaft is steel made.
  • Silver handle for stretcher control
  • Black wheel for length stretch process
  • Corn piece for enlarging the toe section


  • The kit can be used in both male and female shoes.
  • There are different sizes of stretchers for better pressure relief.
  • Shaft turning is easy and simple for width and length control.
  • The single stretcher can be used for both pairs.


  • The shaft breaks in high pressure.
  • Sometimes wrong size issue occurs

Hampton Direct 1 X Stretch Genie Shoe Stretch Spray

This shoe stretching kit is not only useful for the boot but also useful for the item made of leather like gloves and much more.

Main features

  • This shoe spray is made for all kind of shoes specially lather.
  • It releases the stiff part of shoes and clears the space by releasing the leather fibers.
  • It can help to stretch small area of shoes like sandals, boots, high heel shoes.
  • Use the spray until the area is fully fit for you.


  • You can spray this both inside and outside of shoes
  • Does not affect the color of the shoe
  • The chemical of the shoe is non-staining. Therefore it doesn’t affect shoes.
  • It helps to soften and break in shoes.


  • Only stretches the small area of shoes. It does not stretch much longer.
  • Only small adjustment is possible with it. 

FootFitter Premium Professional Boot Stretcher Set (2 Boot Stretcher & 4 Oz. Bottle of Shoe Spray)

Footfitter Premium Professional Shoe stretching kit is consisting of two items in one package. If you have less time to stretch your shoes, then you need both stretchers and spray for the quick stretching process. Both these items help to release the pressure point by giving extra space in the stiff or new shoes which are unfit in your feet.

Main features

  • In the stretcher, the shaft is made of stainless steel, and the toe blocks are made of German Beech Wood.
  • This single stretcher can be used in both left and right shoes.
  • The spray is made of a chemical compound which is used to spread the fibers.


  • It is available for both men’s and women’s size of shoes.
  • The extended rod is there to control from the top
  • The spray can be used on materials like nubuck, leather, suede and much more materials.
  • There is plug piece for spot relief options.


  • It is not useful for western shoes.
  • The stretcher is only width expansion.
  • The spray is for very small enlargement. 

Shoekeeper Women’s Shoe Stretcher kit 38; Spray Small

You can stretch shoe with this stretcher and also useful for the different sized shoes. This kit includes a spray for softening the leather of a shoe. There is a small shaft in the stretcher for expanding it. This can stretch both left and right shoes.

Main features

  • The stretcher includes a spray for better fittings of the shoe.
  • The stretchers are in different size in the market. S for 4.5-6, M for 6.5 to 8, L for 8.5 to 9.5.
  • There are metal plugs for the spot tight removal.


  • One stretcher is enough for both pairs.
  • Both stretcher and leather help in enlarging the shoes.
  • Spot expansion is easy with plugs


  • Does not work in heal

FootFitter Premium Professional Shoe Stretcher Kit (2 Shoe Stretcher & 4 OZ. Bottle of Shoe Spray)

It is the perfect item for stretching the shoes of you. 2 stretcher for both left and right pairs and which can stretch the shoes both in lengthwise and widthwise. A spray bottle is included for better shoe stretching.

Main features

  • The heal and toe part of the stretcher is made of German Beech Wood
  • The controlling rod is made of stainless steel.
  • There are 16 holes for proper stretching.


  • It can stretch both length and width
  • 6 corn plugs for better spot relaxing


  • It is not useful for boot and casual shoes.

Pair of Professional 3’’ to 6’’ High Heel Shoe Stretcher kit with Stretch Spray

This is specially designed for the high heel shoes. This is a very useful item, especially for a woman. The stretcher and the spray are in a combo set.

Main features

  • Toe part is made of German Beech Wood
  • The handle is stainless steel made
  • There are bunion plugs for enlargement in tight place


  • The spray is included for better expansion of different materials.
  • One stretcher is for both pairs.


  • Only for high heel shoes.

So, there is the brief description of shoe stretching kit. All the stretchers are in different size and shape, and corn plugged included. You need to buy the stretcher according to your shoe. Some of them stretch length; some of them are width and heel. So, before buying a stretcher, please review your shoes well.