Saphir best shoe polish

Reviews on the Best Shoe Polish and Cleaners for Shoe Care 2020

Boot care is the most important regime when you are carrying leather shoes. Excessive use of leather shoes without proper maintenance may wither them faster. The shoes and boots are an expensive product that requires regular maintenance. The best shoe polish and cleaners available on the market make your work easier and aids in maintaining the longevity of your leather shoes.

Here is a review on some of the best polishes and cleaners that have taken the top rack in the market;

Saphir best shoe polishMade in France Saphir Creme Surfine – Jar – 50 

If you love your leather shoes, then Saphir Creem Surfing is the best product to keep the shine intact. The crème surfine takes care of your shoes and make them burnished. Whether you are using it on office shoes or any other leather shoes, this shoe product is one of the best shoe polish on the market today.



Saphir Best Shoe Polish: Main features

  • Made of natural beeswax to keep the shine intact.
  • The best way to use the shoe polish is by using an applicator brush.
  • The formula renovates the color of shoes.
  • There are 12 unique colors to choose from.
  • Saphir crème is made exclusively in France.


  • The Saphir crème gives a waterproof finish to your shoes.
  • Made of natural waxes that do not spoil the texture of shoes.
  • Gives conditioning to your shoes.


  • You need a polish applicator brush for applying the cream.

Meltonian Best Shoe PolishMeltonian Boot and Shoe CrSaphir best shoe polisheam Polish, 1.55 Ounces

The Meltonian cream polish is a cobbler’s best choice among the wide range of shoe creams available in the market.



Meltonian Best Shoe Polish: Main features

  • The product has a rich and creamy texture.
  • Ideal for smooth leather
  • Made of natural wax and contains color pigments.
  • The polish comes in varied color options.


  • The polish glides easily without getting hard.
  • Best shoe polish for boots and shoes
  • Covers the withered and cracked areas of the shoe.
  • Varied color options are available for any color shoes.


  • Some color tones are not perfect.
  • Sometimes the polish cans are found mislabeled which creates confusion among the consumers.

JobSite Best Shoe Polish for bootsJobsite Premium Leather Boot & Shoe Polish Cream

This Jobsite Premium shoe polish cream is a high-quality shoe product for leather that not only gives shine but also makes your shoes smell new!


    Jobsite Best Shoe Polish: Main features


    • High-quality creamy texture
    • Contains fresh leather scent
    • It contains lanolin and mink oil that works as a conditioner for the shoes.


    • Conceals the shoes and makes them soft and supple like before.
    • Makes the shoes smell like new ones.
    • Comes in 4 unique colors
    • Ideal for polishing vinyl, furniture, and car interiors as well.


    • Limited color options restrict the usage
    • The polish comes with a new leather scent. Thus, when you polish the furniture and vinyl, you will get the scent all around you. This is quite off-putting.




    Choosing the best shoe polish is quite a tough job. However, boot care is mandatory to increase the lifespan of the leather shoes.