Shoe Care Instructions

Shoe Care InstructionsInstructions for proper maintenance of your expensive shoe!


In today’s modern life-style, your shoe are a part of you; We cannot go anywhere without it. It has become essential and fashionable as well. It provides comfort as well as protection to your feet and thus, you should also take good care of your shoe. This article presents a few expert tips on how you can take excellent care of your shoes.

How do you take care of y­our shoes?

Since shoes take care of you, it is only fair that you too take care of your shoes. However, not every shoe deserves the same kind of treatment. Depending on the durability, quality and built shoes need to treat differently. You just cannot take care of a sandal like you take care of your leather shoes. You need to devote more time to the best shoes that you do to the regular or the daily ones. There are few foot wears which wears out quickly if they do not wear fast enough.

Therefore, different shoes require different treatment. If you come home after a rainy evening, then your shoes are bound to have mud on them. In such condition, it is not okay that you keep them in the cupboard in that manner. You need to clean the dirt and keep them somewhere dry so that all the water dries out.

How do you clean suede shoes?

Suede has become one of the most popular fabrics for the shoe. Water is the worst enemy of this fabric. It can leave permanent marks on this kind of shoe. Thus it is critical that you take well care of it. To take care of it, you can buy what is called the suede protector spray from any retail store. The spray is made from silicon and helps to some extent against splashes of water. Apply it and leave it overnight, the next day the shoe is ready to be worn outside on a rainy day. Make sure to read the shoe care instructions carefully.

How do you clean leather sneakers?

Some of the shoe care instructions for leather sneakers are as follows; always clean your shoes after you have gone out somewhere wearing it. Make sure that you have the right products to clean your shoes and you must also use the proper technique to clean it so that you do not end up with a damaged product in your hand. A leather cleaner is the only product you need to purchase; you will find it as a spray format or foam or even in liquid form. Moreover, you will locate the instruction on how to use it on the product itself making everything easier for you. After you have finished cleaning it, condition the shoes as it strengthens the shoes and keeps it soft.

How do you clean desert boots?

Desert boots are typically made from the suede material. Once you purchase this kind of shoe make sure you also buy a soft cloth, suede cleaner and brush along with the shoes or read the shoe care instructions correctly. A few people try to clean their shoes using normal detergent or soap; however, the result is never good. Thus, do not try to experiment with it. After you have cleaned it, do not try to dry them fast using a blow dryer, this damages your boot to a great extent. Just keep it somewhere dry and let it dry on its own. Try to go through all kinds of instructions you can get your hands on for cleaning desert boots.

How long should you leave shoe polish on?

This is a tricky question; there are many who fail to do this step properly and ultimately results in a bad shoe quality. However, you should only leave the shoe polish on for about five minutes, keeping it on more than that may cause the leather to shrink and sometimes may even tear. Moreover, the quality of shoe polish one uses is also highly critical. Read proper shoe care instructions before doing anything.

Best waterproofing spray for shoes

Rainy seasons are very tough for shoes, you need waterproofing, or else you will end up damaging your shoes. A few examples of waterproofing sprays are Veto power footwear, Helios leather lotion, Rust-oleum and much more. Make sure to read the shoe care instructions on the product before you apply. After you have finished using you can wear it anytime you want during the rainy season.

Can you wear leather shoes in the rain?

This is a common question and a tricky question too. Leather shoes are very tempting and very costly. You might want to buy it, but you should prefer not wearing it outside during the rain. However, if you have no other choice, then you should go through all kinds of shoe care instructions and make an informed decision, waterproofing is one of the most efficient ways to keep it safe. Also, make sure you clean the shoes after you come home during the rainy season.

Is leather shoes waterproof?

Not all the leather shoes are waterproof. If you go into a store, you will find various kinds of shoes. Leather boots which are waterproof are also available. Moreover, these leather shoes are costly. Thus, you should just try waterproofing your leather shoes before you go out anywhere during the monsoons. Therefore, you do not have to spend so much money on the waterproof leather shoes. Various kinds of waterproofing sprays for leather shoes are available. Read the instruction on them carefully before applying.

How can I make my shoes waterproof?

Waterproofing sprays are easily available in any store or anywhere online. Waterproof compounds are one of the most effective ways of waterproofing your shoes. However, you should always test the product on an old shoe before you apply it to your brand new shoe. You only have to apply it once, and it will remain productive for the rest of the day. Thus, each time you want to wear your expensive shoe and go out on a rainy day these sprays will come handy.

How do you dry wet leather shoes?

You need to follow these shoe care instruction carefully if you want to dry your leather boots.

  • By using a towel or rag remove the excess water from your shoes.
  • Use a newspaper or a small dry cloth to pull out the moisture from the interior of your leather shoe. Make sure that you replace the paper every hour so that the leather does not soak all of the moisture.
  • Make sure you let the shoe dry on its own at room temperature and do not keep it nearby any hot surface as it might damage the leather.
  • Once the shoe is dry, clean the shoe by polishing and also moisturise it well as it strengthens the leather. For the next week try to polish and condition the leather boots every time you wear it.