Best Glue for Shoes-Cobbler’s Best #1 Pick 

Best Glue for Shoes-Cobbler’s Best #1 Pick 

How to find the best glue for shoes? When you have decided to purchase the best shoe repair supplies, then you have to gather all the knowledge you can, so that you can pick the best products for you and your shoes. You can look for the things you need to buy in the store near you. but this article will give you the best options. If you do not find any good products in the nearby store, then you can always rely on this online store for purchases. We not only link to the best products to buy but also who carry them at the best possible price online as well. Before purchasing, you need to make sure that you have read the reviews available so that you can be aware of the best glue for your footwear on the market today.

How to find the Best Shoe Repair Glue for Shoes

When it comes to shoe repair shops they all use adhesive when repairing your heel, sole and upper so you can as well.

You will need the best adhesive for shoes that will not only dry quickly but also need to be heat, cold and water-resistant, especially when repairing your sole. The adhesive you choose should also not stiffen when set, it should allow for the flexibility of the shoes. It should be able to bond to rubber, leather, and polyurethane.

The Best Glue for Shoes on the Market for 2020 

The best glue for shoes 1. This ShoeGoo is Formulated just for Shoes

Shoes Goo is a super glue that is specifically formulated for the shoe repair industry. We know because we’ve been using this type of glue in our shoe repair shops for almost nine years now and we think we’ve found the best formula yet!  Shoes Goo Glue is the strongest footwear adhesive that works on all different types of shoe materials.

Received 4.9 stars out of 5 in customer reviews


  • This is an adhesive, which is evident so that after using the glue the color will not pop-out.
  • This is waterproof, so if you are living in a tropical place, this will be an excellent option for you.
  • It does not matter whether you have leather or rubber shoes, it can fix it all.

Boot-fix glue for shoes 2. Best Glue from Boot-Fix for Shoe and Boots

When you are determined to buy the best glue for shoe repairs, then you have to know about the little things that are available on the market, so that you can fix your shoe problem instantly. When you use this super glue, It’s ready to go in minutes, not an hour or even days. Boot-Fix Glue is entirely waterproof, and it’s designed to hold even in the blistering summer heat, or icy cold of winter. Whether you need to glue your boots for a hard day’s work, a tough day of training, or just walking around the office, Boot-Fix Glue can repair your work boots, athletic sneakers, rubber-soled dress shoes, and much more!

Received 4.7 stars out of 5 in customer reviews


  • This glue works instantly, without any clump.
  • The transparent feature helps the glue stay invisible.
  • It dries quickly and stays waterproof.

best glue for shoes

3. Shoe Fix Repair Pattex Contact Adhesive Glue Bonding Rubber Leather Canvas 

Pattex Transparent is a fast drying, transparent contact adhesive. Pattex Contact Transparent leaves no traces of glue – best used for clear surfaces or colored materials. With a shorter evaporation time, it can be used quickly and flexibly to solve all of life’s little mishaps. Best suited for indoor use. Sticks speedily and is heat resistant.

Received 4.5 stars out of 5 in customer reviews


  • Pattex Transparent is a fast drying, clear contact adhesive.
  • Best suited for indoor use.
  • Sticks quickly and is heat resistant.
  • Tube 15 ml
  • Fast shipping from Thailand. 
Best Shoe Horns

Best Shoe Horns

Leather handle stainless steel shoe horn Leather Handle Stainless Steel Shoe Horn

This stainless steel shoe horn with leather handle, measure 6.7 inches long. All ages can use from toddlers to the elderly, the shoe horn is perfectly sized to fit all shoes. Compact design means it can easily be taken anywhere with no fuss, The stainless steel helps your feet to slip easily into the shoe, and the leather strap is a great handle to help you get the best grip . It will be a great addition to your shoe care supply kit. 

Received 4.7 stars out of 5 in customer reviews


Simple tool
Awesome design
Sturdy and lightweight
Shoes go on easy
The rivet goes through the steel shoe horn, so don’t worry the leather will pull off.